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Knowledge Is Power

Ever heard of the saying "It’s not what you know, it’s who you know’?

True, but not completely.

What separates those in power to the average Joe is what they know = Knowledge.

If you’re educated to understand economics, interest, taxes, insurance and shown how to apply it to the core subjects you learn everyday, does that not put you at a greater advantage in life?

There’s a reason why parents pay £16,000-20,000 a year for their child’s private education. There’s a reason why wealthy life coaches charge £4000 for their service. What they know is more valuable than the investments you make in material things.

It’s the difference between social mobility and maintaining the wealth you may already have.

This is why you have to ask why the current education system hasn’t been revised since the industrial revolution? What purpose does it serve? Does it equip your child to know more in order to navigate through life or is it serving its purpose in creating a working force lacking in creativity and innovation.


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